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No-code project case/example - sustainable management software WeShyft

We have successfully developed an all-in-one environmental, social, and governance platform. We believe that such an outstanding project will inspire founders, С-level managers, and team leads to implement their bold ideas faster using a no-code approach.

Industry - Sustainability Management, Sustainability Accounting, Sustainability Reporting, Supply Chain & Audit Management.

Core technologies - Bubble, Airtable

Services - Product Management, Discovery, User Research, Business Analysis, UX/UI Design, Web App Development, Website development

Location - Germany

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December 2021
January 2022
February-March 2022


July 2021
September 2021
ui/ux design
December 2021
January 2022


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NCNP is a great company to work with

“Communication was very efficient and quite responsive. A massive advantage is that they can provide different resources with different skills needed from Bubble Dev, UI Design, Project Management and classic coding. I was happy to work with and highly can recommend the team. We finished the project in time and budget.”

Urs Thielecke

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Business software is one of the best tools to boost innovations or/and stay ahead of the competition, but building applications is time-consuming, complicated, and even frustrating.

No-code development changes the ways how enterprises build applications, helps them innovate regularly, and adjusts their processes to stay sharp. The new approach allows the development of enterprise digital products for automation, collaboration, building analytics, or accelerating ideas. But founders and leaders still have many concerns about the no-code approach's features, pros, and cons.

The founders of WeShyft created a unique approach to sustainability management. Sustainability management apps monitor, analyze and manage large volumes of operational data to help companies meet their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals. Data retrieval, performance management, normalization, compliance management, document management, and reporting are the most common features.  

The goal of Sommo was to develop a digital product consisting of 6 modules: sustainability reporting, ESG indicator monitoring (over 600 indicators), project management, data collection, supply chain management, analysis & recommendations.

It was a challenge for the team, as we had to create multiple internal connections for many modules, user flows, and integration of external databases and services.


    We started working on the project in December 2021, released MVP in February 2022, and now we keep developing according to user feedback.

    We start any project with research. According to our estimate, the MVP development for WeShyft with traditional coding would take at least eight months. During this time, user requirements and the competitive landscape could change significantly. We decided to develop the platform using the no-code approach to speed up the launch. This method does not necessarily involve writing code but instead works with GUI (Graphic User Interface) tools.

    The client's main requirement was the multifunctionality and operational stability of the platform. Therefore, we chose Bubble - the most advanced no-code tool that allows you to build complex web apps up to 10 times faster. It also ensures the speed, efficiency, security, flexibility, and reliability of apps developed.


    We ranked the features and developed them according to the roadmap for a quick launch. Now we continue to improve the functionality of 6 modules, receiving feedback from users and stakeholders.

    Module 1. Analysis & Recommendations

    WeShyft users can evaluate relevant topics for companies or/and offer concrete implementation ideas from the Library of Measures.

    Plato | no-code success story

    Module 2. Data collection

    Users can define which data is collected from whom and record it with forms or import data records from ERP systems and external databases. Managers track data delivery in real-time. When a value falls out of line, the app issues an alarm.

    WeShyft | no-code enterprise software | data collection

    Module 3. Project management

    Users set goals, define associated measures and break them down into tasks with responsibilities. WeShyft allows easy collaboration and notifications on goal achievement, completed tasks, or exceeded deadlines.

    WeShyft | no-code enterprise software | project management

    Module 4. ESG indicators monitoring

    The platform offers the creation of individual key figures or a pre-selection of around 600 ESG indicators, recommended industry-specific sets. Dashboards display meaningful information about the social, ecological, and economic dimensions. Managers can choose an international standard (e.g., DNK, SDGs) and use them to visualize sustainability performance.

    WeShyft | no-code enterprise software | sustainability indicators

    Module 5. Supply chain management

    The module includes three features:

    • Supplier and product database (supplier contacts, evaluations, certificates).
    • Audit management.
    • Supply chain ​​mapping (to keep track of where suppliers and products come from and how they are related).
    WeShyft | no-code enterprise software | supply chain management

    Module 6. Sustainability reports

    It is one of the most essential and complex modules of the platform. We have integrated all data and users to collaborate easily, write texts together, get feedback, and publish dashboards, indicators, or reports on the intranet or websites. We used frameworks for creating reports according to internationally recognized standards such as the German Sustainability Code or the Sustainable Development Goals.

    WeShyft | no-code enterprise software | sustainability retorts


    Having experience in developing such a complex platform, we can confidently say that the no-code approach effectively creates sustainability management software and enterprise applications as a whole. We noticed three key benefits of using no-code tools for corporate software development:

    • Decreasing delivery time to users and feedback.
    • Bridging communication gaps between stakeholders and developers.
    • Chipping away at project backlogs, saving time and money.

    A dedicated corporate app for your business can help unlock ways for your workers and stakeholders to interact with your company’s most essential processes. If you have ideas for creating an enterprise application, we will be happy to help you.

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