Tetiana Maryniuk

Webflow Team Lead

Tetiana, our esteemed Webflow Team Lead, is a guiding force in our web development endeavors. When asked to share a valuable Webflow workflow tip, she imparts a gem of wisdom: "Use meaningful class names for your elements to keep your structure organized and easily understandable. If you don't want your colleagues to hate you, do not leave class names like 'Div Block 23,' 'Div Block 24,' etc. This can make the eye twitch 😅."

Tetiana's attention to detail and commitment to maintaining an organized and collaborative working environment is evident in her practical advice. Her leadership ensures that our Webflow projects not only meet high standards of functionality and aesthetics but also adhere to best practices, fostering a positive and efficient team dynamic.

Posts by Tetiana Maryniuk

What is Wized, and how it uses the Webflow platform

We precisely look at Wized, an attractive choice for Webflow platform users looking to expand their capabilities and venture into web app development.

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What is Wized, and how it uses the Webflow platform