Extend the functionality of your Bubble app with powerful plugins

Use Bubble Plugins to integrate payment services, analytics, databases, improve UI/UX, add visual effects to your applications.

Do more so easily with Bubble plugins


Find the perfect plugin for your design, functionality, user flows and monetization to realize your vision.


Click "Install" / "Buy" (if it is a paid plugin). Click "Done" and go to Plugin Tab - you'll see the newly installed plugin.

Set up

Release your app in weeks and get your first users and feedbacks 10x faster.

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No-code tips & tricks

6 Benefits of no-code approach

No-code development is perhaps the much-awaited technology for startup founders. If you’re tired of expensive, time-consuming development, no-code is the answer. Many successful apps have already been built on no-code platforms!

6 Benefits of no-code approach

How to build a dating app for iOS & Android in a 1 day

In this article, you will learn some tricks for building a dating app in Adalo. With this platform, you can easily create visually stunning apps using drag and drop expert-designed components or make your own in which you’re in complete control of the design.

How to build a dating app for iOS & Android in a 1 day
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