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A simple avatar cropper based on open source library Croppie.


This uses the open source library.


  1. Add Cropper on your page
  2. Fill up all necessary properties
    - Image for cropping (Image reference, can be used as dynamic value, for example: 'PictureUploader's value')
    - Show zoom slider element (Enable/Disable zoom slider at the bottom for cropper)
    - Zoom enabled
    - Rotate enabled
    - Boundary square enabled (By default, the boundary will be represented as a circle)
    - Boundary height/width (if it's empty, will use a size of element in the editor)
    - Selection zone height/width (If it's empty, will generate a size automatically depending on the size of the cropper element)
  3. Setup actions & events
    - 'crop image' action (trigger an image cropping and store it in a state as 'cropped image.'
    - 'rotate left' action (rotate an image on 90°)
    - 'rotate right' action (rotate an image on -90°)
    - 'set zoom' action (can be used for custom zoom picker, it will zoom a selection zone by value: min 0.0 - max 1.0)
    - 'remove image' (remove an image from cropper)
    - 'image cropped'  event (proceed only after the image was successfully cropped by 'crop image' action)
    - 'image removed' event (proceed after the image was removed by 'remove image' action)
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