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How to choose the best no-code agency

Andrii Bas
Founder & CEO at Sommo
How to choose the best no-code agency
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No-code technology has taken the tech startup community by storm. The no-code market is growing, and the number of studios and agencies that use this approach to develop websites and applications is increasing. 


Partnering with a no-code software development agency is the key to unlocking immense benefits, including shortened time-to-market, engaging app experience, and cost-efficient development. Yet, not every no-code development team is up to the task or has successfully turned ideas into functional apps. 

Therefore, you must perform due diligence before collaborating with any no-code studio. Working with the wrong no-code team can be disastrous and create unwanted setbacks. You might have to deal with missed deadlines, bug-filled apps, and disgruntled investors. 


This article will show you the key considerations when choosing a no-code agency. 

Check out the company's work portfolio

A superficial marketing pitch is relatively meaningless when it comes to building apps. One of the red flags when hiring a software development team is the absence of past projects. Or a portfolio that lacks finesse and professionalism. Avoid a no-code studio that fails to convince you that it has brought success to past clients. 


Any decent no-code development agency will proudly showcase their works on their website. Great developers share apps they've built and demonstrate an understanding of the client's business goals. For example, our team displays our finest works here, including no-code apps built for real estate, online dating, and mental health sectors. 


You can deduce several attributes of your potential no-code partners from the apps that they've built. Successful completion of highly complex Bubble apps demonstrates the software development team's technical ability and industry knowledge. It gives you a glimpse of what your future app might be if you choose to work with a particular studio. 


One of the prominent features of no-code development is the large array of templates and plugins. A team that develops and uses various such modules prioritizes flexibility and efficiency, which are the hallmarks of the no-code ecosystem.


It's also wise to find out if the developer has produced similar apps in your industry. The experience of building similar projects can work in your favor. The developers might be able to reuse specific templates and plugins to speed up the process. Moreover, both parties will start on the same page regarding business-product alignment.

Evaluate the core expertise 

Despite doing away with codes, no-code developers must be adept at handling numerous tools to build a functional app. For example, Bubble developers use various tools like social media plugins, payment platforms, web app builders, and video editors to build complex web apps. The number of no-code tools available to developers exceeds 2,000 at the moment of writing.


We're not implying that every no-code developer must master thousands of different tools. However, they must show that they have integrated more than a handful of them in the past with decent results. This is a good indication that the no-code team can learn and leverage any available tool to introduce the necessary features in your app.


Tool mastery aside, you'll want to work with a no-code team equally capable of traditional coding. While you can build almost any application with no-code platforms, it helps to have software professionals who can customize low-level functionalities when required. Else, you'll need to take the extra step of hiring a conventional programmer. 


A successful project goes beyond releasing a no-code app in the marketplace. The development team must take your idea through feasibility tests, market research, development, user testing, and post-release support. Therefore, it is not wise to work with a team that lacks experience in other areas of the app design lifecycle.


Instead, you'll want to work with a no-code studio with an in-house team comprising multidisciplinary experts. This allows you to build not only no-code apps but also mobile applications and custom software features that your business requires. You'll have the peace of mind that the technical part of your project is in safe hands while you can focus on other areas of your business. 

Review clients' experiences

Before you decide amongst possible candidates, you'll want to go further by checking and verifying reviews from their past clients. Clients' testimonials strongly determine whether the no-code team has lived up to its claims. If they have gained rave reviews from clients, you can pursue further collaborations with greater confidence. 


While some no-code studios list clients' testimonials on their websites, it is better to explore platforms like Trustpilot and Clutch for unbiased reviews. Trustpilot is a website that allows clients to rate and review their experience with companies. Meanwhile, Clutch offers detailed breakdowns such as service focus, estimated budget, and project summary. 


Go through several reviews to learn about the type of projects and clients that the developer has undertaken. Look for similarities in their past works and your app idea. If the developer has succeeded with similar projects in the past, they are likely to do well with yours. Also, you'll get a general idea of the project cost and figure out if the developer fits your budget.

Ensure clear and responsive communication

Communication can make or break what would be otherwise a fruitful collaboration with a no-code studio. Regardless of how fluent the agency's spokesperson is, you'll need to talk to the developers eventually. And that's a possible stumbling block.


It is a painful affair when no-code experts use technical jargon in discussions. Some tech founders may find it challenging to understand low-level terms. To save you from communication-driven issues, work with agencies that take the effort to converse with easy-to-understand terms.


Besides dealing with technicalities, it's equally vital for the no-code team to be reachable. Projects are pressed for time, and it shouldn't take several days to get a reply from the team. Also, it would help if you weren't repeating yourself frequently to compensate for the developer's difficulty in understanding your language.


Considering that a project might take several months, you need to be at ease when communicating with the no-code studio. This means working with an agency that is proactive and sensitive to your requirements. The agency should understand your concerns and convey your thoughts accurately to the no-code builders. 


Communication is a two-way street. Merely understanding and working on your requirements is not enough. Your agency should also make an effort to offer suggestions where appropriate. For example, they could recommend ways to manage the project more efficiently and help avoid known obstacles. 


It isn't far-fetching to claim that communication is a deal-breaker. If you can't get the message across right from the start, it's better to switch to a developer with better communication skills. Being decisive early on is better than having your project veering off the track because of miscommunications. 

Interview the shortlisted agencies

Before you ink the deal, take the opportunity to interview each candidate. Holding an interview allows you to explore what lies under the facade of their marketing strategy. Also, it helps to have an in-person discussion with the people who are pivotal to your success.


A carefully planned interview gives you insight into the agency's technical prowess, particularly in the more delicate part of no-code app development. You can separate genuine contenders from mediocre agencies by listening to how they describe their involvement in previous projects. The best agencies will answer the interview questions calmly, precisely, and professionally. 


As the client, you'll need to play your part in ensuring the interview's success. This means spending time crafting probing questions that will reveal the team's competency, culture, teamwork, and agility. These are a few helpful examples.


  1. How do you get your team to work as a cohesive unit? 
  2. Which process and tool do you use to track and fix bugs/issues in the app?
  3. How do you build a high-quality, engaging no-code app?
  4. How do you align functional output with the user's expectation?
  5. Who works on the UI/UX design of the no-code app?
  6. Is there a specific process in your agency for building no-code apps?

Support and additional services

Don't fall under the fall assumption that a successful app release equates to long-term engagement and positive ROI. Seasoned entrepreneurs realized that the follow-ups, such as prompt issue resolutions, new feature updates, and continuous market research, matter. Therefore, you'll need to determine if the no-code studio provides post-deployment services. 


Realistically, it may take several iterations before you find the right product-market fit with your target audience. This includes getting user feedback, analyzing existing apps, fixing bugs, and introducing new features. Nothing less than a dedicated and committed no-code software agency will suffice to turn your idea into a huge success.


With that said, making changes to your app on a no-code platform isn't an arduous task. No-code development is known for its flexibility, where developers can change the underlying functionality without modifying codes. Sommo has helped many startups revise, maintain, and improve their apps with continuous testing and support. 


In today's fast-changing digital marketplace, it's no longer feasible to stick with traditional coding to build an app. No-code development provides the flexibility, affordability, and agility to reach the market fast. The key is to hire the best no-code agency that gives you a headstart against your competitors.


We've shown you relevant criteria to consider before hiring a no-code development team. By following this guide, you should have a smooth journey in finding one. If you would like to skip the searching part, feel free to talk to our no-code team. We have delivered outstanding results at an affordable cost to various startups.

Briefly describe your idea here, and our team will reach out to you. 

Andrii Bas
Founder & CEO at Sommo

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