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The age of artificial intelligence is here. Sommo is a leading AI software development company that helps transform businesses  with cutting-edge technologies.

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What we do

We design and develop custom AI software to empower businesses and products with artificial intelligence. Let's innovate without worry - we'll build on existing models, saving time and costs.

AI consulting and strategy

We will identify how AI can be leveraged to meet your strategic goals - assess the current state of AI readiness, define clear objectives and develop a roadmap for implementing AI software.

Proof of concept for AI software

We will design a preliminary project to evaluate AI software's feasibility, viability, and effectiveness before committing significant resources to its full-scale development and deployment.

MVP of AI-based software

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) will demonstrate the core functionality of your AI software, ensuring that the essential aspects are functional and provide value to its initial users.

AI software

Data preparation, model selection and training, integration of AI functionalities into software applications, testing and evaluation of developed AI tools.

What you get with AI software development

In 2024, while companies invest billions in AI integration, Sommo offers you a faster, more affordable path.

Automation & Optimization

AI software can automate repetitive tasks (data entry, scheduling, customer inquiries), optimize logistics, supply chains, manufacturing processes, freeing up resources and reducing errors.

Enhanced Decision Making

By analyzing vast amounts of data and forecasting future trends and behaviors, AI software can provide insights and recommendations that help businesses make informed decisions quickly.

Better Customer Satisfaction

AI software can personalize customer interactions by learning from individual customer behaviors and develop recommendations on services, product suggestions, and targeted marketing campaigns.

Enhanced Security

AI software can improve security measures by detecting and responding to cyber threats in real-time, analyzing transaction patterns for fraud detection, and monitoring physical spaces for security breaches.

AI apps Sommo develops

Timely fraud detection

Investment risk assessment

Behavior analysis and forecasting

Algorithmic trading strategies

AI chatbots

Personalized financial plans

AML Ops automation

Automated compliance and regulatory reporting

Smart traffic management

Dynamic route planning

Optimization of schedules

Efficient load distribution

Smart parking

Predictive vehicle maintenance

Inventory management

Supply chain optimization

Adaptive Learning

Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS)

Automated Grading Systems

Chatbots and Virtual Assistants

Educational Data Mining

Learning Analytics

Content Creation Tools

Accessibility Tools

Simulation and Game-based Learning

Diagnostic Tools

Personalized Medicine

Predictive Analytics

Virtual Health Assistants and Chatbots

Clinical Trial and Research

Mental Health Applications

Drug Discovery and Development

Customer Personalization

Inventory Management

Visual Search

Chatbots and Virtual Assistants

Price Optimization

Fraud Detection and Prevention

Supply Chain Optimization

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis

Content Personalization

Automated Content Creation

Natural Language Processing (NLP) for Subtitles and Translation

Voice Recognition and Control

Audience Sentiment Analysis

Enhanced Visual Effects (VFX)

Virtual Property Tours and Staging

Predictive Analytics for Property Valuation and Investment

Automated Property Management

Chatbots for Customer Service

Market Trend Analysis

Document Automation and Analysis

Enhanced Security and Surveillance

Personalized Marketing, Energy Management

How we develop AI apps


An initial phase where the groundwork for a successful AI software development is laid, involves comprehensive planning, research, and analysis to define the project's scope, objectives, and feasibility

It's essentially about gathering and synthesizing all necessary information to ensure that the AI solution being developed is aligned with business goals, technically viable, and capable of addressing the identified problem or opportunity effectively.


3-5 weeks


Problem definition, goal setting, feasibility study, data assessment, technology and tools selection, stakeholder engagement, risk analysis, resource planning, regulatory and ethical considerations, project roadmap.

People involved:

Project manager, UX Designer, AI/Data engineer


The conceptual groundwork laid during the discovery stage is translated into detailed plans for the AI software architecture, user interface, data management, and overall solution design. This stage bridges the gap between the project's strategic objectives and the technical implementation, focusing on creating a blueprint that guides developers through the AI software development process.


3-5 weeks


Defining the AI System architecture, data strategy design, user experience (ux) design, prototyping, model design, integration planning, security and compliance design, documentation

People involved:

Project manager, UX designer, AI/Data engineer


The phase where the conceptual and design groundwork is translated into a functional AI system. This stage involves the actual coding, building, and iterative refinement of the AI models and the software that will use these models. 

It's a phase where the plans and prototypes created during the design stage are turned into a working product.


4+ weeks


Implementation of AI models, data preparation and processing, model training and testing, software development, integration and interoperability, iterative refinement, deployment preparation, security measures, documentation.

People involved:

Project manager, Software developer, AI/Data engineer


This stage focuses on ensuring the AI software continues to operate effectively and efficiently, adapting to new data, evolving requirements, and the changing environment. 

Effective maintenance ensures the AI system remains reliable, secure, and aligned with the evolving needs of the business and its users, thereby maximizing the return on investment in AI software development.




Monitoring and performance evaluation, model updating and re-training, data management, bug fixes and issue resolution, security updates, adapting to new requirements, documentation updates.

People involved:

Project manager, developer

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Why choose Sommo

End-to-end AI development service

Sommo covers all phases of creating and deploying an AI solution, from the initial concept and planning stages through development, deployment, and ongoing maintenance. This approach allows organizations to focus on their core business while benefiting from the latest AI technologies and methodologies.

Tailored solution & accurate estimation

Tailored solutions ensure that the AI project is closely aligned with the client's specific needs, while accurate estimation is critical for managing resources efficiently and setting realistic expectations. Together, they form the foundation for successful AI projects that deliver tangible value to clients.

Strong Portfolio of AI software

Our portfolio of own and client projects includes AI software spanning various domains such as media and entertainment, sustainability management, real estate, healthcare, finance, retail, and more. We leverage AI technologies to solve complex problems, optimize operations, and drive innovation.

Focus on security and compliance

Focus on security and compliance in AI software development involves ensuring that AI systems are secure from cyber threats and adhere to relevant laws, regulations, and ethical standards. It is essential for protecting sensitive data, maintaining user trust, and ensuring that AI solutions are used responsibly and fairly.

Our AI development expertise

AI-Assisted Chatbots
Natural Language Processing (NLP)
Generative AI
Machine Learning
Computer Vision and OCR
Image Recognition and Generation
Predictive Analytics
Business Intelligence

Generative AI Tech Stack

AI Models:

GPT 3 - 4 (Davinci, Curie, Babbage, Ada), DALLE, Whisper, Embeddings, Moderation, Stable Diffusion, Midjourney, Bard, LLaMA

Neural Network:

CNN, RNN, Representation Learning, Manifold Learning, Variational, Autoencoders, Bayesian


Supervised / Unsupervised Learning, Clustering, Metric Learning, Fewshot Learning

Image Classification Models:

VGG-16, ResNet50, Inceptionv3, EfficientNet

Reviews on Sommo

no-code agency studio client

Great choice for MVPs!

Luckily, we discovered Sommo through a mutual friend and that dramatically changed the timeline of our project (from 6 months to one)! These guys can just speed up your development at least 5x. Great choice for MVPs!

Urs Thielecke

No-code agency enterprise client  Rozmova
View case
no-code agency studio client

Build your MVP product with Sommo!

I was very lucky to come across the team to build our MVP. Andriy, his team and I would have weekly calls to ensure that the project timeline would not delay. The result – the project was completed 4 days before the timeline! We are testing the market now and will continue working with the team for our v2. Overall, a very professional and friendly company to work with.

Suraj Daryanani

View case

It was my first time opting to build a product with no-code, so finding the right developers was crucial for me.Sommo turned out to be exactly what I needed – they provided a fair estimate, delivered on time, and offered excellent support even after the development was complete. I intend to collaborate further with these guys in the future.

Aivis Ruza

View website

I worked with Sommo on a MVP and their no-code solution exceeded my expectations. The team was knowledgeable, agile and professional- I had a great time working with them and recommend them to any founders looking to get a MVP off the ground quickly.

I have been looking for an agency for a very long time that thinks entrepreneurially, proceeds efficiently, and always remains patient. Andriy and his team are excellent. They have developed an app in the last 3.5 months and fully involved me. Always transparent, organized, and perfectly coordinated, they delivered on point.

Dervis Kilic

View case
no-code agency studio client

On time. On budget. Simple

The whole team was excellent. Drove the process, on time, on budget.
Thanks again!

Brian Gonzalez

View case
no-code agency studio client

Sommo is a great company to work with

Communication was very efficient and quite responsive. A massive advantage is that they can provide different resources with different skills needed from Bubble Dev, UI Design, Project Management and classic coding. I was happy to work with and highly can recommend the team. We finished the project in time and budget.

Urs Thielecke

View case
no-code agency studio client

This team is incredible

This team is incredible. I have hired them for three months now, and they have worked on my company's web-based app MVP and continue to implement new features for us. What makes it easy to work with them is their professionalism and great project management.

Gabriela Campoverde

View case
no-code agency studio client

Hire the Sommo team with confidence!

You're in very good hands with Andriy and his team - move forward and hire them with confidence. They delivered my working MVP in under two months, just as promised and continued to make bug fixes, slight improvements, etc after delivery. I look forward to hiring them again in a couple months to start building V2.0.


View case

Nothing but a great experience. The team created a great website, and it was a pleasure working with them. They were very responsive, were hands on and acted quickly, and were very competent. I could not recommend them more.

Mr. Philippe G.

View website
no-code agency studio client

Great website redesign and implementation

Sommo developed a branding, design, Webflow development for the Re:motion events website. We launched the site and within a week we started receiving requests for events via feedback form almost immediately.

Daria M.

View website
no-code agency studio client

20% increase in traffic and reduction in bounce

Sommo helped us tremendously to migrate our website from Tilda to Webflow. After that, we continued our collaboration working on the Bubble projects. We tested and developed multiple MVP/product ideas.

Anna N.

View case
no-code agency studio client

Great Experience!

Given our early stage we had to be tight on budget and timeline, so Andriy and Roman introduced us to the no-code/low code approach. We're very satisfied with our experience working with the team and look forward to continuing working together as we scale our product in the near future.


trustpilot no-code reviews feedbacks
no-code agency studio client

Experts in rapid design and MVP development

We've been working with Sommo in multiple project requests, and our experience/results have been absolutely amazing. Highly recommend them as skilled professions, experts in rapid prototyping, design, and MVP development.

Alex Ch.

View website
no-code agency studio client

Great choice for MVPs!

Luckily, we discovered Sommo through a mutual friend and that dramatically changed the timeline of our project (from 6 months to one)! These guys can just speed up your development at least 5x. Great choice for MVPs!

Dima Kovalenko

View case
no-code agency studio client

Build your MVP product with Sommo!

I was very lucky to come across the team to build our MVP. Andriy, his team and I would have weekly calls to ensure that the project timeline would not delay. The result – the project was completed 4 days before the timeline! We are testing the market now and will continue working with the team for our v2. Overall, a very professional and friendly company to work with.

Suraj Daryanani

No-code agency enterprise client  
View case

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