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Plai (now Peoplelogic)

Peoplelogic (former Plai) is a management software that helps align teams with OKRs and inspires growth with effortless performance/360° reviews, effective 1:1s, feedback, and praise.

Industry - SaaS, management tool.

Core technologies - Webflow.

Services - Product Management, Discovery, User Research, Business Analysis, UX/UI Design, Web App Development, Website development.

Location - USA, Ukraine.

Timeline -

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August 2021
September-October 2021
October-November 2021


August 2021
September-October 2021
October-November 2021


20% increase in traffic and reduction in bounce

Sommo helped us tremendously to migrate our website from Tilda to Webflow. After that, we continued our collaboration working on the Bubble projects. We tested and developed multiple MVP/product ideas.

Anna N.


Our goal was to create a website that would provide pitching Plai to a relevant target audience, reveal the value of the product, communicate with users, and build their trust and engagement.

Another challenge was the high speed of the project development. Even with their own development team, Plai decided to entrust the development of their website to Sommo and use a no-сode approach. Only in this way could the team respond to the target audience's needs in time.



First, we studied Plai's application, corporate strategy, and marketing plan. We identified the following key factors for choosing enterprise software by users:

  • The relevant set of features (Feature pages).
  • Price and options (Pricing page).
  • Knowledge base and support (Resources, Blog, Chat).
  • Software developer reputation (About page).

Accordingly, we determined the structure of the site, the main blocks, key messages, text, and visual content.


Since Plai already had UI/UX and branding, we designed the website accordingly, kept it focused on business users, but made it brighter, and placed accents to convince and inspire potential customers.

Plai | no-code enterprise software | OKR

No-code development

We chose a suitable no-code tool Webflow, which allowed us to create a functional and presentable website in the shortest possible time.

For the convenience of working with content, we implemented repeating elements, and 3 CMS - collections created a unified class naming system that allows you to quickly create new pages or sections.

We set up a chat, user analytics, and integration with the Plai application and email marketing service.

We paid much attention to performance and website loading speed. For example, we converted images to WebP format, which allows you to upload smaller images without losing quality.


In 2 months, we designed and developed with Webflow more than 30 website pages.

The website core includes a home page and six feature pages - OKRs, One-on-ones, Reviews, Praise, Feedback, and Integration.

Plai | no-code web app | objectives and key results (OKR) | features

We designed a landing page for a specific audience - people teams that use Plai as:

  • a complete performance management platform;
  • a simple tool for reviews, goals, growth plans, and powerful analytics that employees love & use;
  • an HR Experts' knowledge base.
Plai | no-code web app | objectives and key results (OKR) platform

On the Pricing page, we added recommendations for choosing a plan, FAQs, product advantages, and the list of companies that have successfully used Plai.

Plai | no-code web app | objectives and key results (OKR) | pricing

Resources & Free Downloads are designed to help managers of different levels and departments plan and manage teams using the OKR approach.

Plai | no-code web app | objectives and key results (OKR) | resources

Plai cares about users by offering various valuable content organized on the Blog into several categories.

Plai | no-code web app | objectives and key results (OKR) | story

On the About page, we told the story of Plai through facts and archival photos to help the users better understand the goals and values of the team.

Plai | no-code web app | objectives and key results (OKR) | founders


The fast no-code approach allowed Plai to enter the market in time and increase. Now 3000+ organizations from 90 countries are using Plai. Plai received a score of 99% in customer satisfaction from G2 users, the highest for Objectives and Key Results & Performance software. In August 2023, the US-based organizational success platform Peoplelogic acquired Plai to accelerate growth and unlock the full potential of both teams.

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