No-code approach:
Fast development
of advanced products

Our approach is 10x more efficient and yet flexible, extensible, and scalable.

What is no-code?

No-code is a new, highly efficient approach to product development.  It is on a roll, with more than 70% of apps expected to be developed with no-code technologies by 2025.

In a nutshell, no-code allows creating applications through graphical user interfaces and configuration without traditional writing code. There is plenty of coding involved, but it is invisible to users.

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What’s the difference

No-code solves the problem of slow, expensive, and unreliable software development. The approach provides businesses with a fast, cost-effective, and future-proof way to develop various digital products.

Traditional coding vs No code

Traditional coding

No code

Native code & frameworks

Writing and testing lines of codes.

No-code tools, templates and plugins

A visual approach to development, a range of ready-to-use solutions.

6-12 months to launch

Writing native code requires handling many standard use-cases and flows.

4-6 weeks to launch

Standard flows (registration, login, etc.) are already handled and ready. We just use them!

Hard changes after launch. Technical debt

Once the project is released, it is hard/costly to make any changes.

Fast iteration. Ongoing support

Effortless to support the product, change it quickly. You can even make changes yourself you want/like.

More about pros and cons

Who is no-code for?


Founders need an express route to take their ideas to the market, and no-code tools are ideal answers.


Top executives in large enterprises are continually optimizing their business processes. Instead of expanding in-house IT teams, they leverage no-code solutions.

Small and medium businesses

By using no-code tools, entrepreneurs can improve service delivery, introduce new products, explore emerging markets and engage customers more efficiently.

and limitations of no-code

Like any approach, no-code development has its pros and cons. It is important to understand when no-code is the best choice.

More about no-code pros and cons



Reduce development time
Low-level features not supported
Reduce cost
No-code platform dependent
As flexible, extensible, and scalable
as custom coding

Development teams implement a combined no-code and coding approach to overcome such limitations.

Easy support and update


Reduce development time
Reduce cost
As flexible, extensible, and scalable
as custom coding
Easy support and update


Low-level features not supported
No-code platform dependent

Development teams implement a combined no-code and coding approach to overcome such limitations.

More about no-code pros and cons

Top no-code platforms

We've tried different no-code tools and can recommend the better ones for your project.


What does no-code mean?
Is no-code safe and scalable? How many users can it support?
What can I build with no-code?
When no-code should not be used?

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