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A success story about creating a fantastic app that immerses you in adventures in different European cities.

Industry - entertainment.

Core technologies -

Services - discovery, design, web development.

Location - Germany.

Timeline - June - September 2022

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June 2022
July 2022
August - September 2022


June 2022
July 2022
August - September 2022


The beginning of a hopefully long partnership

I have been looking for an agency for a very long time that thinks entrepreneurially, proceeds efficiently, and always remains patient. Andriy and his team are excellent. They have developed an app in the last 3.5 months and fully involved me. Always transparent, organized, and perfectly coordinated, they delivered on point.

Dervis Kilic


Have you ever seen the Eurotrip movie? We want to tell you a story about creating a fantastic app that immerses you in adventures in different European cities, just like in the film, but with more fun and less trouble.

In June 2022 Dervis Kilic told us about his idea to create a digital gaming space with exciting indoor & outdoor games for remote & hybrid teams with up to 10000 participants. The Exitmania platform will allow users to book and plan outdoor and indoor games independently without any need to be managed by a host. Individuals or teams will play on their PC or with their smartphones (in different cities).

The main goal for Sommo as a developer was to create an easy and clear gamer flow with many media files, tips, hints and a GPS connection. Except for players there are admins and super admins to manage users; edit, sell, and buy games.

And, of course, we had a strictly “no-code” deadline. The goal was to finish the version for indoor games in August and outdoor games by the end of September 2022. 

Exitmania. The case of No-code development by Sommo
Exitmania 2. The case of No-code development by Sommo



The creation of the software requirements specification (SRS) for Exitmania involved a comprehensive analysis of the desired functionality of the platform, the target audience and the business objectives. 

First, we defined the glossary, stated the problem and made business and user assumptions. It helped to ensure the no-code development team understood the desired outcomes and project constraints.

Problem statement for the Exitmania app

After that we defined the software requirements: we used the information gathered in the previous steps to develop the list of software requirements; develop use cases and scenarios that illustrate how users will interact with the platform. It helped to identify any potential issues or challenges in the user experience.

software requirements for no-code app Exitmania


We started the Design by creating wireframes (skeletal framework) for all user flows

  1. Sign up / log in for Super admin and Admin; 
  2. Sign up / log in for User;
  3. Admin (game creator) user flow;
  4. Super admin (game creator) user flow;
  5. Indoor game onboarding;
  6. Indoor game;
  7. Outdoor game onboarding;
  8. Outdoor game.

As a result, we got over 120 screens for desktop and mobile versions!

UI/UX Design for no-code app Exitmania

Then our talented designers took over. The challenge was that an entertaining application with many interactive elements had to be simple and not distract the players' attention. In 3 weeks we created the style guide, landing page, and all flows for 3 types of users (Super admin, Admin and User).

Design and Style guide for no-code app Eximania

No-code development

Sommo, as a dedicated low-code/no-code team, already has experience with marketplace development (view Giftcloud, Rozmova cases), payment system integration and complex database creation. A new challenge for our no-code ninjas was to track users smoothly with GPS.

No-code development for the Exitmania app


The first version of Exitmania was launched on September 30, 2022. The platform included both indoor and outdoor escape games, team rallies and interactive city tours for remote & hybrid teams. 

In the current version Exitmania allows players to select a game, send a booking request or schedule a demo on the website. After choosing a game, users receive an offer with all details and all questions can be clarified during a Zoom Call. The future participants get the briefing and an individual invitation with the game link. Players play together as an alliance or against each other in battle. 

Game & events for remote teams

During indoor games users play together via Zoom, Meets or Gather.Town. 

No-code app Exitmania

The booking process is simple and allows quick setup and flexibility in changing games. Clients can select a game on the website, specify event requirements and receive important documents and a briefing via video telephony. The payment for the event works using an invoice sent after the event or online by bank transfer or credit card.

The event is monitored live via chat by a game director who can intervene and assist as needed. After the event clients receive photos, videos, and certificates for the winning teams.

Games & events in the fresh air

Outdoor games by Exitmania allow you to experience the city playfully, solve a mystery or immerse yourself in an exciting fantasy story. Gamers can play against colleagues in other cities or get support from teams in the home office.

No-code app Exitmania by Sommo team

The project evolves and we develop new versions that are increasingly complex, multifunctional and interesting.


The Sommo team often plays team games, so we really liked the Exitmania idea and its implementation. The work on this project was challenging, enjoyable and fun! We can't show you the details without spoiling the fun. But we highly recommend you to play with Exitmania

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