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Are corporate expenses causing you headaches? Our latest fintech template, FinCor, is here to simplify your life.

Company representative can sign up, provide personal and company details, choose a subscription type, make payment via Stripe and get access to the dashboard. After successful onboarding he can add employees, create budgets and make them available for existing users. Company employees can get invite link, reset the password and get access to the profile. After that they can make payments using corporate cards or request manual claims.

🌐 Easy Sign-Up: Begin by registering your company. Then, choose a subscription, connect your bank account, create budgets, and invite employees.

💳 Corporate Cards: Manage corporate spending effortlessly with budget limits, corporate cards, expense management, and bill pay.

🔒 Secure & Digital: We prioritize your corporate data's security while keeping everything 100% digital.

Time-Saving: Say goodbye to spending countless hours managing corporate expenses. FinCor has got you covered.

💡 Intuitive & Flexible: Should any payments fail, employees can manually input details for seamless tracking.

🚀 Elevate your corporate spending management with FinCor! Explore its full potential today.


Landing page

Login / Signup

Admin panel

Manage profile


Manage my requests (accept/reject)

User management

UI elements



1. The template is both desktop and mobile responsive.

2. Enter demo card to test simulate credit card: 4242 4242 4242 4242 | 02/25 | 424.

3. 3 Stripe API calls are working now: 1. subscription activation; 2. connect account creation; 3. bank account info getting.

4. There are 3 Stripe API calls which are set up but not activated: 1. cardholder and user cards creation; 2. transactions getting; 3. disputes creation.

5. The reimbursement model that is working now doesn’t include card payments.

6. Demo member account: 123123123. Demo admin account: 1234Sommo.

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