Maxim Kaplitskiy

Bubble developer

Maxim, our esteemed Senior No-Code Developer and Team Lead on at Sommo, is a driving force in our no-code development initiatives. With a wealth of experience, Maxim plays a pivotal role in shaping our projects on the platform.

His expertise is not only reflected in his technical proficiency but also in his leadership skills. Maxim's dedication to no-code development is evident in his approach to optimizing workflows and maximizing efficiency. His role as a Team Lead underscores his commitment to fostering a collaborative and innovative environment within the team.

Maxim's contributions go beyond code; he is a key player in ensuring that our applications on are not just functional but also scalable and future-proof. His leadership is instrumental in steering the team towards excellence in the ever-evolving landscape of no-code development.

Posts by Maxim Kaplitskiy

​​Tech Guide to Bubble App Localization & Translation

Localization is a cost-effective way to conquer new markets, create a loyal audience, and increase sales. In this article we share our experience, technical tips, and tricks on Bubble app localization.

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​​Tech Guide to Bubble App Localization & Translation