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Demystifying the future of enterprise software development

Roman Furman
Founder & CTO at Sommo
Demystifying the future of enterprise software development
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Business software is one of the best tools to boost innovations or/and stay ahead of the competition, but building applications is time-consuming, complicated, and even frustrating. 

No-code development changes how enterprises build applications, helps them innovate regularly, and adjusts their processes to stay sharp. The new approach allows the development of enterprise digital products for automation, collaboration, building analytics, or accelerating ideas. However, founders and leaders are still concerned about the no-code approach's features, pros, and cons. 

In this article, we tell you about as a perfect no-code tool for developing Enterprise Software Development.  As we stand on the cusp of a new era in enterprise software development, is not just riding the wave of no-code innovation—it's steering the ship toward uncharted territories.

In the enterprise realm, digital transformation is often slowed down by the complexity of software development.'s no-code approach accelerates this transformation, making it more agile and responsive to market changes.

1. Top 10 Misconceptions about

No-code platforms like have gained significant traction in the software development world, but there are still misconceptions about their capabilities, especially when it comes to enterprise-level development. Here are some common misconceptions and the realities that counter them:

Misconception 1: No-code is only for simple apps

  • Reality: While no-code platforms are indeed user-friendly and great for simple applications, they are also capable of creating complex, feature-rich applications., for example, allows for the development of sophisticated SaaS platforms, marketplaces, and even complex ERP systems.

Misconception 2: No-code isn’t scalable

  • Reality: No-code platforms have been designed with scalability in mind. They often run on robust cloud infrastructure like AWS, which can handle scaling automatically. As demand for an application grows, the platform can adjust resources to maintain performance.

Misconception 3: No-code means no customization

  • Reality: No-code platforms offer extensive customization through visual builders, plugins, and API integrations. While you might start with a template, the end product can be heavily customized to meet specific business needs.

Misconception 4: No-code platforms aren’t secure

  • Reality: Security is a top priority for no-code platforms, especially those targeting enterprise clients. They often include built-in security features and comply with industry standards like GDPR and SOC 2. Additionally, they are regularly updated to address any vulnerabilities, much like traditional coding frameworks.

Misconception 5: No-code platforms can’t integrate with existing systems

  • Reality: Most no-code platforms offer API connectors and built-in integration tools that allow them to connect with a wide array of existing systems and third-party services, making them highly interoperable.

Misconception 6: No-code development is not for professional developers

  • Reality: No-code platforms can significantly enhance a professional developer’s productivity by allowing them to focus on complex problems while automating or simplifying more mundane coding tasks. It also enables them to quickly build prototypes and MVPs (Minimum Viable Products).

Misconception 7: No-code tools produce applications that are hard to maintain

  • Reality: Maintenance is often easier with no-code platforms because the visual models and workflows are more understandable to non-technical stakeholders. This can make diagnosing issues and updating applications more straightforward than in traditional code.

Misconception 8: No-code applications are not performant

  • Reality: While it's true that the abstraction layer of no-code platforms can add some overhead, the performance is often on par with traditionally coded applications for most use cases. Performance optimization is also a focus for no-code platforms, and they continue to improve in this area.

Misconception 9: No-code platforms will replace developers

  • Reality: No-code platforms are tools that augment developers' capabilities; they do not replace the need for developers, especially in scenarios that require custom coding, complex logic, or specialized integrations.

Misconception 10: No-code is a passing trend

  • Reality: No-code is part of a larger trend toward democratizing technology and making it more accessible. As businesses see the value in rapid development and deployment, no-code platforms are likely to become a staple in the tech ecosystem.

2. Integration and Scalability Concerns

In the ever-evolving landscape of application development, emerges as a beacon of innovation, offering seamless integration with a plethora of tools and services, coupled with an impressive approach to scalability. 

Seamless Integration for a Cohesive Ecosystem's integration prowess is akin to a masterful conductor, orchestrating a symphony of external APIs and services to create a harmonious user experience. Here's how:

API Connector Plugin: At the heart of's integration capabilities lies the API Connector Plugin, a versatile tool that empowers your application to communicate with an array of external services. Whether it's syncing with Salesforce for customer relationship management or processing payments through Stripe, the API Connector Plugin ensures your Bubble application stays connected and current.

Plugin Marketplace:'s marketplace is a treasure trove of pre-built integrations. These plugins are the secret sauce to extending your application's functionality, allowing you to tap into services for analytics, marketing, and beyond, all without writing a single line of code.

OAuth2 and Social Logins: simplifies user authentication with OAuth2 support, enabling a one-click login experience using credentials from giants like Google and Facebook. This not only streamlines the process but also enhances user trust and conversion rates.

Webhooks and Automation Platforms: The platform's support for webhooks and compatibility with automation giants like Zapier and Integromat transforms your application into a nexus of automated workflows, connecting your Bubble app to thousands of services, automating tasks, and ensuring real-time operations.

Mastering the Art of Scalability

As your application grows from a fledgling startup to a soaring enterprise,'s scalability features ensure that your digital infrastructure keeps pace:

Hosted on AWS: Leveraging the might of Amazon Web Services, provides a foundation that's built to scale. AWS's elastic infrastructure means that your application has room to stretch and grow without the constraints of physical hardware.

Automatic Scaling: With, the days of manual scaling are behind us. The platform intuitively adjusts resources, ensuring that user surges and data spikes are handled with grace, keeping your application smooth and responsive.

Performance Monitoring: equips you with a suite of monitoring tools, allowing you to keep a vigilant eye on your application's performance metrics. This data is crucial for proactive optimizations and ensuring that your app remains agile and efficient.

Optimization Tools: The platform doesn't just scale; it scales smartly. offers guidance and tools to optimize your application, ensuring that your growth is not just upward but also forward in terms of performance.

Dedicated Plans for the Enterprise: For those applications that demand an exclusive set of resources,'s dedicated plans offer a private haven of dedicated hardware, ensuring that your enterprise-level needs are met with the utmost priority.

Caching and CDN: Speed is the currency of the digital realm, and invests heavily in caching and Content Delivery Networks to ensure that your application is not just global but also lightning-fast.

Ensuring Fort Knox Security with in Enterprise Software Development

In the digital fortress of enterprise application development, stands as a sentinel, guarding the sanctity of data and the seamless operation of enterprise applications. for Enterprise

The Bastion of Security

Data Encryption: The Shield of Enterprise Applications

In the world of enterprise applications development, data is the crown jewel. envelops this treasure in layers of encryption, both in transit and at rest, akin to the armored carapace of a fortress. With TLS protocols as its sentries, ensures that prying eyes are kept at bay, preserving the confidentiality and integrity of enterprise data.

Regular Security Audits: The Vigilant Guardians

What is Bubble's strategy for fortification? It lies in its relentless pursuit of excellence through regular security audits. These meticulous inspections are akin to the constant vigilance of a night watch, ensuring that the platform's defenses are impregnable and in strict adherence to global standards like GDPR.

Robust Authentication: The Gatekeepers of Access's authentication protocols stand as the gatekeepers, discerning friend from foe. With multi-factor authentication (MFA) as its drawbridge, Bubble ensures that only the rightful heirs to data can claim their stake, fortifying the realm of enterprise SaaS against unwarranted intrusions.

Privacy Rules: The Laws of the Land

In the Bubble SaaS kingdom, privacy rules are the law. They dictate the who, what, and how of data access, ensuring that each subject within the enterprise realm knows their bounds and respects the sanctity of the data dominion.

DDoS Protection: The Unseen Shield

Against the onslaught of DDoS attacks, raises an unseen shield, deflecting the barrage of malicious traffic that threatens to besiege the operations of an ERP app or any other enterprise application.

The Pinnacle of Reliability

Automatic Scaling: The Elastic Battlements

As the tides of web traffic ebb and flow,'s automatic scaling adapts with the grace of an elastic fortress wall. This ensures that the ERP app stands resilient, accommodating the surge of users without so much as a tremor.

Continuous Monitoring: The Eternal Sentinel

With eyes that never sleep,'s continuous monitoring keeps a perpetual watch over the health and performance of enterprise applications, ready to sound the alarm and mobilize forces at the slightest hint of disturbance.

Backup and Recovery: The Phoenix Protocol

In the rare event that disaster strikes,'s backup and recovery protocols act as the phoenix, rising from the ashes to restore the enterprise realm to its former glory, ensuring that not a single byte of the ERP app's essence is lost to the void.

Uptime Commitments: The Covenant of Availability's SLAs are sacred covenants, promising the high priests of enterprise applications development the blessing of unwavering uptime. This is the platform's vow, ensuring that the digital gates remain open to users at all times.

Dedicated Infrastructure: The Royal Quarters

For those enterprise applications that demand their own royal quarters, offers dedicated infrastructure, ensuring that their ERP app receives the royal treatment with resources that cater exclusively to their dominion.

Professional Support: The Knights of the Round Table

In the court of, professional support stands ready like the Knights of the Round Table, offering their expertise to resolve any challenges that arise swiftly and efficiently.

3. The Future of Enterprise Software Development with

With the ability to quickly test and deploy new ideas, is poised to become a catalyst for innovation within enterprises. It allows companies to experiment with new business models and services without the traditional risk and investment associated with software development.'s model of development and deployment offers a cost-effective path for scaling applications. Enterprises can allocate resources to innovation and growth rather than to the maintenance and scaling of their software infrastructure.

By enabling non-technical stakeholders to contribute to the development process, fosters a more inclusive environment. This diversity can lead to the creation of solutions that are more closely aligned with the needs of a broader user base.

In the looking glass of the future, is not just a platform but a revolution in the making. It's poised to democratize enterprise software development, turning every visionary into a creator and every idea into a potential legacy. As we await these innovations with bated breath, one thing is clear: the landscape of enterprise software development will never be the same. 


In conclusion, stands as a transformative force in the realm of enterprise software development, breaking down the barriers of traditional coding and opening new horizons with its no-code approach. If you're intrigued by the potential of no-code development for your enterprise needs, we invite you to explore further.

Use our No-Code Development Cost Calculator to gauge the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of this innovative approach.

For a more personalized consultation and to kickstart the fast development of your enterprise software using no-code solutions, feel free to contact the Sommo team. Embrace the future of software development today!

Roman Furman
Founder & CTO at Sommo

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