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Create a draft of a Software Requirements Specification (SRS), get recommendations about tech stack and estimation to start developing your idea today.


Why do you need SRS?

When you embark on the journey of creating a new software application, whether it's a cutting-edge mobile app, a sophisticated web platform, or a powerful business tool, having a clear and comprehensive plan is essential.

This is where a Software Requirement Specification (SRS) comes into play. The SRS serves as the foundation of your project, outlining the scope, features, functionalities, and constraints of your software application.

What is AI SRS Generator

Whether you're working with an in-house team or collaborating with external development partners, ensuring that everyone is on the same page from the very beginning is paramount. Our tool helps you create a concise yet detailed initial draft of your software requirements. This draft serves as a starting point that you can easily supplement and refine throughout the course of your project.

Effortless Drafting

Our tool assists you in creating a preliminary software requirement specification based on the information you provide. It generates a draft that outlines the fundamental aspects of your project.

Save Time and Resources

Instead of spending excessive time deliberating over every detail in the early stages, our tool jumpstarts the process. This means you can dedicate more time to the creative and strategic aspects of your project.

Customization & Collaboration

The generated draft is not set in stone. It's a dynamic document that you can customize according to your specific needs. Collaborate with your team to add, modify, or remove requirements as the project evolves.

Minimize Misunderstandings

By having a foundational SRS in place, you reduce the risk of misunderstandings between you, your team, and your development partners. Everyone has a clear understanding of the project's scope and objectives.

How it works


We don’t collect any info about your idea. Only your email to send results directly to you.


Various features and functionalities that can set your app apart, the most suitable development tool, and a rough estimate of the development cost.


You can customize or supplement the software requirements immediately, online.

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