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artificial intelligence
stable diffusion

AI Avatar Generator is an app to upload your photos, and view your generated AI Avatars.

The app is built for Stable Diffusion v1.5, and training with the Dreambooth.

Users can create avatar, complete payment, upload and crop your photos, start generation, view results.

Users can also view styles and community photos.

See demo video here -

See update with Astria image generation here -

The app is fully built on the new responsive engine.

Designed both for mobile and desktop. It is also designed to be wrapped into a native app with Natively ( and released to Google Play / App Store. Mobile features such as IAP (in-app payments), push notifications, download file, haptic feedback, etc are already in the app. Using these mobile features is optional.  


Login / Signup


Create avatars

Filter, Search

Upload, crop photos

Generate AI avatars with Astria API

Styles feed

Admin panel

Manage profile

Community feed

1) The template is both desktop and mobile responsive.

2) Change your app name in the App text -> APP_NAME.

3) Register on Astia and set your own API Key in 'Astria API' plugin. Also, change the branch to production version ('sd15' or 'sd21') in 'Option sets -> Const -> One -> Branch'.

3.1) Or, alternatively, Iimplement your own image generation, create “Result Image” through Bulk create, and call “/generated_webhook” to finish processing.

4) Add your own live keys for Crisp, Amplitude, Google oAuth, Stripe, Natively if you use them.

The app does not have paid plugins (but Natively and Astria services are paid, if you decide to use them).

☝️ App uses Astria API to fine-tune custom Stable Diffusion model, and then generate AI images. Astria API is NOT a free service (each generation costs money). Get your own API_KEY at . See video on Astria setup here -       Alternatively, you can implement AI image generation part yourself, since it’s a very costly process. You can use other APIs like Replicate (, Hugging face ( or deploy your own GPUs and train/generate images there.        

Convert this template into a native ioS/Android application using a no-code development tool Natively.

  • Do it yourself by following simple steps
  • It takes minutes
  • No technical skills are needed
  • You can try native features in Preview Mode before buying
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download app on appledownload app on android
more about natively

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