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Client Market is a marketplace for freelancers and service workers, whether it's marketing, development, healthcare, finance, consulting, or any other type of service.

Users can register in the app, post their offers, search and find other offers, contact the owner in case an interesting proposal is found, and complete the transaction/exchange (outside of the platform).

All users and listings are posted (available for other users) only after Admin's approval. So that Admins can control the quality of the community.


Login / Signup

User management

Manage profile

Listings View & Detail

Admin panel

Video overview:

Important notes:

  • The template is designed for WEB ONLY (no mobile layout).
  • The transaction (payment) is designed to happen outside of the app (you can integrate it inside the app, if needed).
  • Change your app name in the App text → APP_NAME.
  • The template is designed to be extensible. Customize your "Service" offers in the Data → Option sets to make it suitable for any type of specialized service/offering (or product).

Admin account: / qwerty

User account: / qwerty

Convert this template into a native ioS/Android application using a no-code development tool Natively.

  • Do it yourself by following simple steps
  • It takes minutes
  • No technical skills are needed
  • You can try native features in Preview Mode before buying
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